Cruiser SR (complet with kite, bar (4x25m), pump, bag, repair kit) pris from. minsta storlek

Season is already on but we still didn't inform you about our new race inflatable kite - CRUISER Super Race (Cruiser SR). So, let's begin.

-Were to use?
-Race, freerace, progressive freeride, big air, hangtime.

-For whom?
-Experienced riders will obtain maximum performance using new CRUISER SR. Also will give a lot of pleasure to admires of hook-in flights.

Main differences of CRUISER SR from free-race CRUISER:

  • Geometry: CRUISER SR has much higher aspect ratio (5.8 of CRUISER SR against 5.2 of CRUISER), improved speed airfoil, new method of stretching of panels was used.
  • Feeling: CRUISER SR has more effective de-power, you feel the kite more solid, better upwind and downwind abilities.

Choose a variant:

Starting at 9,200.00 kr