Aeros ALTI (Kite only)

Aeros Alti

For 2015 snowkite season we have prepared new foil kite - Aeros ALTI. ALTI obtained absolutely new design, which includes our kite and paraglider making experience. ALTI do nor leave anyone indifferent, because it is suitable for most riding styles - freeride, freestyle, highmountain, open-air... Ride, jump, fly, do what you want and be sure, you wil get fun!

ALTI's construction is simple and popular, so it makes kite very reliable. Short string reinforcements keep an air inlets open. This provides an excellent inflation and ease of launch and it allows you to quickly pack up the kite without risk of reinforcements damage.

We used a new airfoil which is very stable in turbulent air. At the same time Alti feels good at wide range of angles of attack, that gives you more depower and you always have full control. Aspect ratio is 4.6 and Alti has 31 section.

Alti is all-round kite, suitable for everyone who loves comfort, control and simplicity.


Alti obtained a new bar with new relief shell design , new comfort chicken loop with twister and StSteel axis. We remain well recommended trimmer with Cobra Cleat.

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